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Oct 29 Title Sequences

A last note on design:  I hope you each had an experience during your work in Illustrator in which you felt a gut feeling about some component of your digital composition.  Did something just ‘feel right’? How can you explain, logically, how that works?  Remember, part of your final grade will be based on a reflection of your work.  Part of what I’m hoping to instill with this pedagogy is a careful attendance to the process…to what happens when designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers compose digitally.  How are choices made?  What drives you to a certain color, a certain angle or a certain tune?  In design (as you will remember from Helvetica) there is a controversy between strict form and expressive feelings.  One way to discuss design is to use the terms of the discipline.  These are CRAP.





As you think about the design aesthetic for your project, as you navigate the gut feelings, take some notes about how you feel…how you came to these decisions.  I hope that this CRAP terminology (or other design concepts with which you may be familiar) can help you translate the ‘feels right’ logic of design into something I can grade.


The logical next step after a few days spent on design is to make that design a part of your film…to make it move.

The most traditional location (topos) for graphic design in cinema has been the TITLE SEQUENCE.

After we watch a few examples as a class, go to THE ART OF THE TITLE to complete the following blog assignments.

BLOG #1 – Find a text in the archive of The Art of the Title which you appreciate.  Watch the title sequence and read through the commentary and/or interview.  Link this page to your blog and give 2-3 paragraphs about what is striking to you about the sequence and how you might use it as inspiration in your own film.

BLOG #2 – Discuss your title sequence.  Here are a few questions to guide this post.  What is the title of your film?  Is there a song you are considering to introduce the film?  If you had to choose RIGHT NOW, what font(s) would you use?  Colors?  Vector Art?  What will the text be in your sequence? (produced by? directed by? starring? production company name?)  Finally, include an image to the following specifications:

-In Illustrator, open a new document with the dimensions 1920×1080 (this is the standard dimension for HD video…more information here.)

-Create a design with your title.  You can include a subtitle as needed.  Use NO MORE THAN TWO FONTS! Colors, vectors, photographs, etc are all up to you.

-Export as a PNG file and upload in the body of your blog entry.


-Finish up your designs from last week.

-Open Premiere Pro and look around!

-Ask me questions about your object.

-Get started on the work for next time….


In a wild crash course, we will be creating a short title sequence in Adobe’s Premiere Pro.  If you have no experience with this program, PLEASE SPEND SOME TIME WITH THE FOLLOWING TUTORIALS.

All Adobe Premiere Tutorials

Basic Tutorial (and alternative introduction)

Importing Files

Building Titles

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