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Response #2

A few of you have asked for some more specific detail on RESPONSE #2, so here you go.

Because it wasn’t entirely clear (perhaps another casualty of my negotiating a lack of software), I’ll push the due date back a few days.  Response #2 is now due by class time on November 5th.

As we discussed, there are several options.  You each should have recorded some form of a literacy narrative before fall break.  What I’d most like to see is participation in the DALN.  If you spent some time with your audio text and are happy with it, go ahead and follow the directions in the guides provided (in Dropbox) and upload your narrative to the Archive.  I encourage you to submit the best work possible, so if your piece needs some more work, edit it.  Remember this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your final object documentary.  Once you submit to the archive, you should include a link to your audio (in the archive) in a blog post of your own with a brief (2-3 paragraph) overview of your thoughts on the process of recording a literacy narrative.  Then link YOUR BLOG POST as a comment to THIS page.

If you have no interest in audio or the archives at all, you can submit a more traditional academic response (500-750 words) to one of the readings posted in Dropbox that we haven’t discussed so far in class (Selber, Tagg, Daley, Spinuzzi, Rice).  In addition to a summary, I’d expect several paragraphs devoted to how this theoretical text can impact your documentary.

Pushing the due date back a little bit on this assignment means that your THIRD RESPONSE will come up more quickly, so keep that in mind.  I’m looking for a graphical or video response for this last assignment.  More info to come!

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