Digital Writing/Humanities/Tools

CCCC Position Statement on Digital Environments

Scrapbooks in a Composition Classroom

Debates in the Digital Humanities

Assessing New Media Compositions

The Impact of Digital Tools

Teaching and Assessing Digital Writing

Digital Humanities 101

Why I Mind…Importance of Subtitling

Interactive Documentary: Hollow

Embracing Wikipedia

Editor’s Notes

The New Work of Composing

New Media in English Studies

Guide to Teaching with Copyrighted Materials

Stanford Copyright/Fair Use Portal

Still Photography

Minimalist Art Photos

National Geographic Winners

Behold at Slate (Great images)

Big Fat List of Documentaries about Photography

Street Photography and Henri Cartier-Bresson

Your Rights as a Photographer


9 Amazing Type Designers to Inspire

Typography Captures the Essence of Great Cities

Don’t Use Comic Sans.  Here is a good summary of why.

Random Design Inspiration

Graphic Design Starter Kit

6 Things to Remember When Designing a Logo

Free Design Software: Inkscape

Great Advertising for Inspiration

Honest Logos

The 10 Most Beautiful Colors of All Time

Smart Logo Design Examples

Free Textures


Short Film Examples

Science in 6 seconds (Vine)

Massive Attack Instillation

Rhetoric and Civic Life

Herzog’s Text/Driving Documentary

Motorcycle Short Film

Action Films at Infinity List

Why I Mind

About Blogs/Blogging

Free Word Press Themes

More Free Word Press Themes

50 Best Blogs for Creative Writing Students

80 Free WordPress Themes for Inspiration

Customize Your Word Press Themes

Fab Themes (Some free themes)

10 Ways to Customize Your Blog


Papa Jazz Online Tutorial

How to Make a Twitter Background

Audio Production

Audacity Manual

Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives

NPR Pulling Back the Curtain (on audio production)

DALN I am a Creative Being

DALN The Lost Art of Note Passing

DALN Sword Drill

DALN My Introduction to Love

How to Submit to the DALN

This I Believe (NPR)

Avoiding Bad Audio (Youtube)

Keller Audio Project (referenced in the Selfe essay)

Film Production

Film School Rejects

10 Minute Film School with R. Rodriguez

Explanation of Aspect Ratios

Shoah at Criterion

Filmmaker Toolkit

DIY Camera Rigs

Dealing with Different Frame Rates

Student Video Production at Penn St.

Dave Grohl on NPR


Let Us Now Contemplate the Key

Documentary Educational Resources

More Documentary Resources

Natalie Portman’s Laugh…An Object

Werner Herzog

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