Over the course of the semester you are responsible for three (3) critical responses.

Among the texts to which you choose to respond, there should be at least one (1) visual text and at least one (1) written essay.  In addition to the assigned readings in DB, you will find a myriad of other options from several disciplines in the “Reading” folder.  There are also visual options on the RESOURCES page.  I’d like for you to peruse these options and pick readings/viewings that interest you or that are relevant to your major subject area.  If you have an idea about an alternative response (using a different media or difference resources) please make an appointment to discuss it.

1. Two page written essay (Law’s Aircraft Stories…due 9.24)

2. Two minute audio file (or submission to the DALN) Guidelines HERE. Due 11.5

3. Multimodal response Due 12.5

The content/format for these responses is up to you, but you might consider the following:

1. Show that you have read the piece carefully by summarizing the main points.

2. Give your opinion about the author’s credibility and the text’s overall effectiveness.

3. Clearly reveal your opinion of the piece and where it fits in your understanding of objects/materiality and(or) documentary/new media production.


These three (3) responses are worth thirty (30) percent of your grade.  The drafts due at intervals through the semester will be graded for completion only.   I would like you to PICK ONE of the three responses and edit it further and hand it in as part of your final reflection.  This may or may not be connected to your object documentary.  I am more than happy to look at and comment upon responses after class or in office hours.  The goal for these responses is for you to engage with a text that is parallel but external to the course readings.  If you can show that you have made an attempt at an engagement (especially with the necessarily vague 3rd multimodal response), you will do fine.


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