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At some point before the exam time for our class (Saturday, 12.14.13 at 12:30pm) please ‘comment on’ this page with the following:

A link to your blog (make sure it works) as you would like me to grade it.  Over the course of the semester, there have been 25 blog assignments (or suggested assignments), so to get full credit, your blog should include at least 20 entries.  Your participation grade will be largely based on how thorough you’ve been with your blogging.   While it will be obvious that you’ve delayed, I will still consider late blogs, so I suggest going back through and addressing any missing blogs.  As you prepare your blog, consider your ethos…include an appropriate ‘ABOUT’ page and consider tagging/categorizing each of your posts so that I can navigate more easily.

Along with the link, I would like you to give a short introductory statement.  This might take the form of a quote from one of our readings.  It might take the form of a question or comment of your own.  It might consist of an image.  Include something that gives the ‘elevator pitch‘ for your work in this class.  It should be no longer than a paragraph.


16 thoughts on “Final Blog

  1. In this class, I expanded and transformed my own expression through media. Put simply, I dug deeper. This blog is my attempt at showcasing this process and my progress:

  2. Print is dead. Multimodal interaction is the future. Adapt, survive, prevail.

  3. rosetm2 says:

    It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. – Harry S Truman

  4. johnmarkbell says:

    This blog is a perfect reflection of my life. Some of it has been written really well while other parts have been hurried and hopefully hidden between the better pieces. It is a series of rushed sentences, slow reflections, and erratic sparks of sudden motivation. You’ll see some pictures of my kids too. At the beginning of my semester. When I saw them last. (and I mean this dramatically). Regardless, this is the cross-section of my life. Some posts might merit a little reflection but I am ready to leave all of them behind. Here’s my life. Here it was. I’ll let you know when the next big thing happens. Or maybe just the little things.

  5. maggie037 says:

    Digital writing is an intricate combination of thoughts, words and images that you can share with the world. This blog is a little piece of the immense knowledge I’ve gained this semester in the digital learning community.

  6. Kelly Hagan says:

    Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. – Charles Eames

  7. ackerner says:

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C. Clarke

    (To view my class Twitter feed, click the + button at the bottom of my blog.)

  8. I never thought an English class could be so great! Wonderful way to end my undergraduate career learning the ins and outs of digital writing

  9. English 460 is the best class ever! Professor Harmon for President, or not…..!

  10. powellce2013 says:

    My goal was to create a blog that was both insightful, yet entertaining. Hopefully I have achieved my goal.

  11. wells2 says:

    This blog is another form of fencing. It is not the final or the victory that the scholar or athlete should be concerned with. It is the practice and process of bettering your knowledge and form. ENGL 460 has been a transformative process that has changed my understanding of composition and technique.

  12. sledzion says:

    Thank you, Professor Harmon! This project literally changed my life forever! It is amazing the places that an object can take you. You never know where you’ll end up.

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