(Subject to minor adjustments)
•Object Documentary (50)
–Proposal (Guidelines HERE) (10)
–Draft (20)
–Final/Reflection (Guidelines HERE and HERE) (20)

Pick an object of some significance to you and make a short (3:00 minimum…8:00 maximum) ‘documentary’ film about its place in relation to you or society at large. How does this object fit into your personal network? How do you fit into the network of this object? Trace a variety of other objects, people, or practices that the object is connected to. Follow its networks. After tracing these networks through your filming and editing, ask yourself what shows up for you about the object’s or network’s significance–to you, to others, to culture; for you, for others, for society? What does the object tell us about the particular values, influential forces (such as race, gender, or class), or aesthetics of American culture or a cultural group you are interested in? Don’t start with a perspective, start with an object and see what it shows you.

Projects should include the following:

Video materially delivered via a flash drive or DVD

Original and sampled moving AND still images

Voice Over AND Soundtrack

Graphic Design, Transitions, Title Cards, and Credits

Thoughtful Presentation of Promotional Materials (DVD cover, poster, flier, web presence)  HERE is a post with more details on what I expect on the promotion/branding part of your project.

-John Law Reflection
-Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (Audio) More details HERE.
•Participation (20)
–Daily Assignments

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