Some notes in response to questions

A few of you have asked questions that others might be thinking about, so I decided to respond as a blog post.

If your work is digital, you can submit it digitally.  Please consider the form and organization of such a submission.  In other words, avoid sending me a bunch of poorly named files via email without any instruction about how they should be arranged.  If your work is small (a DVD in a case or a flash drive) you can submit it to my box (use the inter-campus envelopes and clearly include your name).  I have just been informed that the mail room is quite busy with an influx of 101 portfolios, so just to be safe, please send me an email if you drop your project in my box, that way I will know to look for it.  If your project contains larger elements (a poster or some other material instantiation) you need to organize a time to hand it to me personally.  I will be on campus tomorrow from about 10am until mid afternoon.  I will also likely be on campus on Friday at some point.  It is your responsibility to make sure I have your work by noon on Saturday.

I understand the limitations of technology and access to it.  I made a concerted attempt to give you more ‘production’ time than in most English courses precisely because I understand that everyone doesn’t have the same access outside of class time.  That said, the resources are there if you make an effort (Gambrell, Thomas Cooper, and Free Trials).  A question was posed concerning whether your promotional material might be designed in other programs than the Adobe Illustrator we engaged in class.  An extension of this is whether you can edit your film on something other than Premiere Pro.  I hope over the duration of the semester you got a reasonable explanation about why a knowledge of these programs (as opposed to simpler programs like iMovie or Word or PowerPoint) is useful going forward.  Also, I hope I never implied that interesting work couldn’t be produced with most any program.  It absolutely can and absolutely is, a lot.  So use the available tools.  If you feel more comfortable with one program or another, use it.  I would suggest however that you discuss the tools you use in your reflection.  If you use Word to design a poster, I hope you will understand that it isn’t the most professional option.  I am interested in your experience with the production of this material, so I hope that you will use part of your reflection to carefully and thoroughly consider the limitations of your choice of tools.

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