Nov 24 Draft notes and links

Just a reminder…first drafts are due on Tuesday!

Make sure to have your draft EXPORTED and uploaded to youtube (make sure it is public) OR loaded onto a flash drive as a ‘.mov’ file.  Please export BEFORE coming to class so we can hit the ground running with our screenings.

Here is another object lesson from the Atlantic…this time on OLD RAILROAD TIMETABLES.

Here is an example of some multimodal scholarship about Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivner.  In no way is this a perfect example (it actually falls quite short in some production ways) but I want you to notice the transcript and the works cited portion of this site.  I suggest including a transcript of any text you write for your film and (again) include a works cited page for ALL MEDIA you deploy.

If you are having trouble thinking about ways to describe the stylistic moves you make while editing, perhaps have a look at THIS list of ancient rhetorical devices.

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