Nov 21

If you have a draft ready and would like to get feedback from the class, let me know and we will screen it.  For those not ready, you have until next Tuesday to finish a draft and submit to me.  Post online or bring on a DVD or flash drive to class on Tuesday.

Today, I’d like to show you a few clips:

Jessica Williams on The Daily Show HERE

Bombay Beach (trailer is HERE)

As you watch, consider the following:

Into what mode(s) could these ‘films’ be categorized?

How would they look on a time line? Where are the cuts?  What are the transitions? How are stills, freeze frames, music, frame size, etc deployed?

What can use (stylistically, aesthetically, organizationally) from these films?

Spend the rest of the class period working on your draft.  I’ll come around and get updates from each of you individually.


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