Nov 19


First Draft Due – Thursday 11.21 (no later than 11.26) – You will need to present your draft either online (vimeo/youtube), on a DVD, or on a flash drive.   We will screen (as a class) each draft and discuss.  Extra time can be devoted to editing.

Third Response – Thursday 12.5 – Similar to Response #1, I am asking you to engage with one of the extra readings I’ve provided on Dropbox.  The choice of reading is yours and the medium in which you respond is also fluid.  I’d like to encourage you to move beyond written/academic responses, but I understand that some of you are uncomfortable with this open-ended type of assignment, so a traditional 2 page response will be accepted.  As before, give an overview of the article and then give some details about how it corresponds/influences your thinking/practice in your own film.

Final Exam – Saturday 12.14 @12:30 – To screen in class or submit before this day?


Organize yourselves into groups of 2.  Take turns discussing your object documentary and showing your progress.  Use this as an opportunity to test ideas that you are considering and to ask questions about media relevance, aesthetic choices, music, interview effectiveness, edit choices, etc.  Get feedback.  Take notes in a blog post to record any suggestions or ideas that emerge from your discussions.  Repeat with a second group.


Read through the Promotion/Branding notes that were posted over the weekend.  Do a web search for a movie you have recently seen and discuss the way it was promoted.  How did you hear about the film?  Was your interest stoked through online or social media promotion?  (Include media if appropriate…links or images.)  Then use the rest of your post to brainstorm about how you will promote your film.

If you have extra time, use it to ask questions or continue editing you draft.


Check into the free trial of Adobe Creative Suit so you can edit at home!

I have 2 HD cameras and an audio recorder available for “checking out” if anyone needs some extra media gathering firepower.  See me after class for more details.

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