Project Promotion/Branding

An important part of the final project is the branding of your film.  As compositions move into a multimodal existence, and (especially) as complex ideas get disseminated in abstract/performative ways, it becomes more important for producers to frame their work through appealing, effective promotion.  In the past, writers have written and a graphics design department dealt with covers of books, flyers, posters, advertisements, etc.  Increasingly, scholars and professionals in many fields are taking a central role in every aspect of their compositions.  This change has been precipitated by many factors not the least of which is the proliferation of programs like Adobe Illustrator and the prevalence of social media.  So, remembering that we are working with strict time constraints and no budget, I want you to think carefully about how you will promote your film and take some steps to begin that process.

As in other parts of this process, there are many possible directions for you to consider.  At the very least, you should submit your project on a dvd with some kind of packaging.  HERE is a free template for DVD covers.  There are other templates available for posters, flyers, etc.  You might think about a web/social media presence for your project (apart from the class blog).  Again, I am not interested in you spending TOO much time on this aspect of the project and you shouldn’t feel obliged to spend a ton of money on printing and fancy paper or on coding complex websites.  I will be happy with some evidence that you have thought about the branding and made some plans about the directions you might go.

Check out past and current cinema promotion campaigns.  The work promoting the new version of Oldboy is especially intriguing (and at the heart of this part of the assignment)…check out their web presence HERE.

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