Weekend Email Nov 8

Hi everyone,

We left the photoshop workshop yesterday without discussing next week.  Please read the Nichols chapter (on Dropbox>Readings>Documentary) entitled “Six Modes of Documentary”.  If you didn’t get through the Barthes, try again!  We wont spend too much time with it, but I’d like to at least expose you to that kind of French (Post?)Structural philosophy of images.  (The Nichols is much much easier!)  As you read, jot down (or better yet, BLOG or TWEET) some ideas about how your film (or other films we’ve engaged) could be categorized using Nichols’ taxonomy.

I have also put several other readings in that folder.  These would qualify nicely as material for your 3rd response, so go ahead and have a look at what is in there and what might interest you.

Finally several of you are shooting/interviewing this weekend.  Here is a link to some tip for documentary interview techniques!  Good luck!

Remember…you need a draft of your documentary by Nov 21st.  This is an incredibly important deadline that must be met, so start gathering material and getting your ideas together.  As always, if you have any questions, need any gear or media, please let me know.

And, have a great weekend.



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