Nov 7 Photoshop

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Take a few minutes and jot down some reflections on the images you brought in for today.  Where did you take them? Is there connection between the images?  Explain how they work using the conceptual terminology of Barthes (connotative, denotative, linguistic, etc).  How do you plan on using them in your final project?  Where will they fit in your film?  What purpose will they serve?  Will you pan and zoom?  Remember, you will be asked to reflect on EVERY step of the process.  Barthes’ of analysis of the Panzani image is an example of the kind of detail I’m hoping you will devote in your reflection.


HERE are some basic tutorials for those with little or no experience with this program.

What I’d like for you to do today is pick one of the images you brought of your object.  Open it into Photoshop (not Bridge).  Spend some time today exploring this software and producing 3 variations of the image.  Among the variations you might consider are the following (with tutorials linked):




Save each version (as JPEGs with appropriate file names in a folder on your flash drive) and then upload the 4 images (the original with 3 variations) onto your blog.  Tag your blog post with “photography”.

note:  Adobe Bridge is another program that can be very useful.  We’ll talk about this program next week.  If you already feel comfortable with Photoshop, I encourage you to try this assignment with Bridge.

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