Nov 5 Photography

Quiz (as Blog Post)

Using the assigned reading (introduction of From Snapshots to Social Media) answer the following questions:

1.  Explain the ‘inherent duality’ of domestic photography.

2.  Sarvas and Frohlich spend a great deal of time describing (the object of) photography.  They suggest that the history of the technology is vital for for researchers interested in understanding how photography works.  What is their rationale and do you agree?  In other words, why should we care about the history of photography?

3.  What method does this study deploy to make its case?

4.  What is your experience with photography?  In your answer use the concepts and terms utilized in the reading (domestic, snapshots, etc).

5.  In your own words, define the term PUNCTUM.

6.  What are the six practical effects of the shift from film to digital photography?  Which of these effects has the greatest impact on your experience with photography and/or your final project?

7.  The authors of this book claim we are “still in an era of ferment”.  What do they mean?  Do you agree?  Give a prediction about the future.  The next dominant model of photography will be…

Post your a link to your blog as a comment to THIS post to receive credit for the quiz.


HERE are some basic tutorials for those with little or no experience with this program.

What I’d like for you to do today is find an example of a photograph of the object (or a close proximity) you are working on.  Download the image and open it into Photoshop (not Bridge).  Spend some time today exploring this software and producing 3 variations of the image.  Among the variations you might consider are the following (with tutorials linked):




Save each version (as JPEGs with appropriate file names in a folder on your flash drive) and then upload the 4 images (the original with 3 variations) onto your blog.  Tag your blog post with “photography”.

note:  Adobe Bridge is another program that can be very useful.  We’ll talk about this program on Thursday.  If you already feel comfortable with Photoshop, I encourage you to try this assignment with Bridge.

Some Interesting links from this week

Two local journalists go to Syria to report for Medium…create some interesting stories and photos, but this is their tale told as a Graphic Novel.

Gerry Melendez of The State with shots of USC Baseball

New Object Lesson:  The Light Switch

For Next Time

Bring in 5 unedited photographs of your object (or of tangible things that you plan on using…people, places, things).  I would prefer that you practice taking the images YOURSELF, but I understand that this might not be possible in some circumstances, so gather images as you can (strive for high resolution!)

Read Roland Barthes’ The Rhetoric of the Image (on DropBox>Readings>Still Photos).

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