OCt 31 Title Sequence Workday

Dexter Imitation

Create File Structure

Create a new file on your desktop called “Premiere Practice 10.31”.

Within this folder create four separate folders called “Graphics”, “Moving”, “Stills”, “Music”.

Go to Dropbox and download (copy and paste, NOT drag and drop) the folder called “Premiere Practice 10.31”.  Within this file you’ll find some media you can use to practice in Premiere.  Transfer the files from your ‘downloaded’ folder to the appropriate places in the folder on your desktop.  Copy the 1920×1080 PNG file you created on Tuesday into the Graphics folder.  If you have other media already gathered for your object documentary, put it in the appropriate folder.

Open Premiere Pro.  Create a NEW PROJECT.

IMPORTANT!!!  In the new project menu, make sure to change the location of your project by selecting “Browse” and then choosing your folder on the desktop.  Title your project “(your surname)_Premiere Practice 10.31”.

Click the tab called “Scratch Disks” and make sure they are indicate “same as project”.  For more information about scratch disks, check here.

Click OK.

(Take a moment at this point and go back to your folder on the desktop and notice the new files that have been created.  You need to remember to keep all these files in one place to maintain the integrity of the editing you do.)

Back in Premiere, take a moment to look over the layout and familiarize yourself with it.  HERE is a good overview in a single image.

The next step is to import the media from the folders you’ve created.  HERE is a comprehensive overview on importing media into Premiere.  When you are ready to import your files, RIGHT CLICK in the top left window and choose “IMPORT”.  You can then navigate to your folder on the desktop and choose to import the four folders within (as a group or individually).


First you need to create a NEW SEQUENCE.  Right click in the top left panel and choose “New Item”>”Sequence”.   There are hundreds of presets, this is something you will need to figure out later.  For now, choose the default, name your sequence “(your surname)_Premiere Practice 10.31”. Click OK.  Arrange the media you imported on this sequence.  Save your work EARLY AND OFTEN.

You will need to important and cut at least one movie clip.  Several ways to do this are covered in this FORUM.

You will need to create several title screens (at least 2).  TITLES and TEXT

You will need to import several photos (at least 2) and the design you created on Tuesday.  For detailed instructions on how to manipulate still photos/design go HERE.

You will need to add and cut some audio.  Here is some help with that.

Create a track that is under 30 seconds in length and export it.


After saving your project (do this early and often), go to ‘File’>’Export’>’Media’.  Choose H.264 as your format.  Use “Youtube HD 1080p 23.976” as your preset.  Click on the Yellow ‘Output Name’ and make sure the title matches your sequence title and is being saved in the appropriate folder on your desktop.    Here is a reasonably clear explanation of the process.

The export will take a few minutes, so spend this time composing a BLOG ENTRY discussing your first reactions to Premiere Pro and how it differs from iMovie.  Go over the process (movie clip, title, sequences etc) and reflect on it.  How does it work?  What kinds of connections did you notice as you worked?  Were you surprised?  Were you frustrated (try to map out the cause of the frustration)?  What good is this knowledge?  What good is this ability to arrange media?  Did you utilize any of the CRAP design techniques? Did you notice “gut feelings” coming into play as you arranged this media?  You should consider this post as a rough draft of your final reflection on your project.

Once the export finishes, you can upload your file to the class Dropbox in “Premiere Practice 10.31>Student Films”.

Have a Happy Halloween!

For Next Time


Read the Introduction to “From Snapshots to Social Media-The Changing Picture of Domestic Photography” (page 1-21 on Dropbox in “Reading>Still Photos”).  Be ready for a short quiz to begin class on Tuesday.

Also remember, your second response is due Tuesday.  Here are some more details.

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