Oct 24 Illustrator Continued

The assignment for today is simple.  Continue practicing with Illustrator on the assignments from Tuesday.  You can find the specific description here.  Briefly, you are responsible for submitting two blog headers and two imitation exercises.

As of 2:15pm, no one has left the link to their homework (blog post about Helvetica) as a comment to Oct 22 class entry (as assigned).  Please do that.

All proposals that were successfully submitted to me have been graded.  Comments have been sent back.  If you haven’t submitted a proposal or submitted one in an unacceptable format, please see me after class.

For Next Time:

CRAP design and Title Sequences.  As you watch TV/Movies over the weekend, pay careful attention to the title sequences.  What fonts are used? What kind of design elements are used? Is there movement? Is it effective? How does it work within the larger themes of the program? Write a blog entry or some tweets (#harmon460) to record some of your thoughts.

Reminder: Your second response is due NEXT Thursday…Oct 31. CHANGED!!!!!   NOW it is due NOV. 5

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