OCT 10

Audio Production Day

Finish your audio composition and upload to Sound Cloud by the end of class.  Then link that page to your blog.

Audio Compositions should include the following:

-Length: 2-5 minutes

-Some spoken discourse (with YOUR voice)

-Some music

-Some sound effects

As far as the content of this recording, it is up to you.  I will grade this only for completion, so use this opportunity to stretch your knowledge, play around with some tricks, take some chances.  I would suggest thinking ahead and using this exercise to create a rough draft of your Response #2.  As I explained before, one option is to upload a literacy narrative to the DALN.  So this could be as simple as you telling a story about your own experience with literacy.  You might also use today’s exercise to get some audio together for your final project.

Hint, make sure to fade your 3 (at least) clips of audio together smoothly…here is a tutorial on CREATING A FADE IN AUDACITY.

If you are like most folks and hate the sound of your own voice, CHANGE it.

Reminder, the second review is due at the end of October. If you aren’t interested in the DALN, you could review the Selfe or one of other readings in the Audio or Design folders on Db.

For Next Time:

Read the Design Studies Introduction (on Db).

Spend some time on the Resources page and think about an aesthetic that might appropriate for your final project.  We’ll be talking about BOTH title sequences within your film AND promotional/packaging materials for your film.

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