Discuss Evocative Objects:

  • Get in three groups, one for each essay.
  • As a group, pick one person to transcribe the group’s answers to these prompts: Describe the object the author is considering. What are the first things that come to mind when you think of the author’s account of the object? Describe how the author relates to the chosen object personally. Mention at least three. In what ways did the object find a significant place in the author’s individual ecology or “networks”? How is this object analysis structured?  Is there a narrative?  What are the metaphors that are deployed?  Then as a group, discuss how you would remediate this text into a video. What colors or moods do you associate with this object? What music do you associate with this object? What other people would come into contact with this object? Where or in what locations would you find this object? Name three other objects that come into contact with this object. What kind of other images, video clips, or sound clips would you associate with this object? How will you research or where would you find these elements?
  • Groups quickly report out to class on their remix strategies.

For Thursday, Oct 3:

-Read the Center for Social Media’s BEST PRACTICES for Documentary Filmmakers (as a pdf on Db as well).

-Finish watching RIP: A Remix Manifesto (on Db)

-In preparation for next week’s audio discussions and assignment, spend some time with Audacity tutorials and have a look at the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives.

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