Turn in Response #1


Please spend 10-15 minutes writing about the object you are considering for your final project.  In this post, concentrate on HISTORY.  Here are some prompts to get you started.

  • What is interesting about the object’s history? Which details of the object are more significant as a result of considering its history/culture?
  • Has the object always looked and worked the way it does now, or has its design or details changed over time? Has the object always been made in the same way? If something has changed about the object, what might this tell us about changes in the purposes of the object and changes in cultural demands?
  • How does the current historical/cultural period influence our understanding of the object? Is there another historical period or cultural context that would produce a different understanding of the object?
  • Is there archival media available for your object?

When you are finished, take a screenshot (png) of your blog and send via email to  If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, check here.

(Note on Blogs:  I’ll continue to look in on how these are going, so….make sure to stay up to date…and if you haven’t yet, make sure to include a relevant ‘about’ section with a photo ASAP!)


Arrange yourselves into groups of 2-3 and screen/discuss each other’s USC/UNC films.  Pick one of the three films and tweet a link to it with #harmon460 and #bestdraft Consider the following:

Did the film use all the required media?

Was there a narrative at all?

How did the music/audio relate to the images?

What worked?  What didn’t work?

How could it be improved?

Did it make you think any differently about the object at hand?



In preparation for composing a proposal for your object documentary project (due on OCT 12), be thinking about some preliminary questions.  Why is your object interesting enough for a film?  How can you limit the scope enough to make interesting points that connect to larger issues in 5 minutes?  Whom will you interview?  Where will you find/create media?  What is the style you’ll adopt?  What do you anticipate finding out?

I will post specific requirements for the proposal by Oct 1.

Remember, no class on Thursday.  For next Tuesday Oct 1, make sure to read Evocative Objects and Lundberg’s Guide to Rhetoric (Chapter 1).



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