Tweet (or blog in under 140 characters) your response to the following prompt (include #harmon460):

How can the conceptual structure(s) suggested by John Law’s Aircraft Stories help you distill your own thoughts about your Object Documentary?

WORK DAY (redux).

Finish your film.  Make sure to give yourself enough time to export.  Make sure that your finished mp4 is on your disc and/or uploaded to vimeo/youtube.  You’ll need to blog/tweet the link to youtube/vimeo.  Here is the original assignment:


Export a 1-2 minute HD movie by the end of class.  Your video should engage some aspect of the USC/UNC game from last week.  It should include at least one instance of EACH of the following:

-Still Image

-Moving Image

-Audio (voice over or soundtrack)

-Text (at least a title and credits…your name, the date, the class)

Save the file to your flash/hard drive and post it to vimeo/youtube over the weekend.  Post a link to your video in a blog post along with a paragraph(s) reflecting on your experience editing this piece.  Also tweet a link to your video (with #harmon460 and a # of your choosing).

-What was most challenging?

-What surprised you?

-What works in your video?  What doesn’t?

FOR NEXT TIME: Response #1

We have gotten through four of Law’s six stated reasons for creating Aircraft Stories.  I’d like for you to return to the introduction over the weekend and write a response (in a traditional 2-3 page essay…double-spaced, times new roman 12 point type…) to the Law that gives your interpretation of the last two rationales he gives for the book (hint: performative writing and a critique of critique).  Draw on the Chapter 1 as well as your experience in the non-linear digital composition (iMovie) we’ve just completed.  You might also use this opportunity to explore some structural ideas for your object documentary that may have been influenced by Law’s thoughts on objects.

So, you need to bring in a hard copy of your response next Tuesday.  Also REMINDER: make sure to blog about this film and send the link to your video to twitter with #harmon460.

I’ll introduce the revised syllabus (and new deadlines) on Tuesday.

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