DAY 5 (Sept 5)


Export a 1-2 minute HD movie by the end of class.  Your video should engage some aspect of the USC/UNC game from last week.  It should include at least one instance of EACH of the following:

-Still Image

-Moving Image

-Audio (voice over or soundtrack)

-Text (at least a title and credits…your name, the date, the class)

Save the file to your flash/hard drive and post it to vimeo/youtube over the weekend.  Post a link to your video in a blog post along with a paragraph(s) reflecting on your experience editing this piece.  Also tweet a link to your video (with #harmon460 and a # of your choosing).

-What was most challenging?

-What surprised you?

-What works in your video?  What doesn’t?

For next Tuesday…READ Aristotle On Rhetoric (p1-10) and John Law’s Introduction to Aircraft Stories (both on the class Dropbox).

(here is the email I sent out yesterday…if you aren’t getting these, you need to check that your Blackboard email is set to an address you regularly check)

In anticipation of a work day tomorrow, I’d like to reiterate some of the points from yesterday’s class. First, bring a hard/flash drive of some kind with you to class along with a pair of headphones (preferably a pair that cover your ears). Also, bring any media you collected last week. If if you didnt collect any media, I strongly suggest going through the ‘media’ folder on dropbox and think about how you might utilize it for a short film (remember, copy/paste DONT drag and drop from Dropbox). You might also do some image searches on google and collect media that way. The goal for tomorrow is to export a very short film that examines (again, not necessarily in a narrative or coherent manner) some aspect of the USC/UNC game from last week. (Check out the blog for a longer description of what I was after if you are still confused). The point is to demystify the process of editing so that we can move forward with some of the more theoretical/conceptual work of object oriented documentary production AFTER you’ve already done it. IT DOESNT NEED TO LOOK GOOD! But it does need to include some sound (so if you are a musician or have friends that make music, bring an mp3 file or two), some images (that you took or gathered) and some text.

Because of the diversity of experience in our class, if you have little or no experience editing or with iMovie, I strongly suggest watching a tutorial or two tonight or tomorrow before class. I’ll go over the process very briefly at the beginning of class and then let you start editing on your own. Here are a few links that might help! There are also some production documents (as PDFs) in Dropbox.

As we discussed yesterday, there are a myriad of tutorials in different styles, so if these particular videos annoy you to no end, do some searches of your own (search ‘iMovie 09 tutorial’ or the like). There are also some links/tutorials that might be helpful to review on the class website.

Again, bring your media, bring headphones, and bring an open mind…we’ll be jumping in the deep end. But, hopefully, you’ll finish the day with an exported digital media composition.

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