DAY 4 (Sept 3)


Find a partner and discuss your experience documenting the USC/UNC game last week.  Share the media you gathered and discuss the following:

-What types of media did you gather? How?

-How did you store it? Transport it?

-What ‘object’ did you concentrate upon?

-What worked, what didn’t?

-Have a look through Twitter to find information/opinion about the game.

In-Class Blog

Compose a short blog entry about some aspect of your experience during the game last Thursday.  (Refer back to the original prompt as needed).  It should take you about 45-90 seconds to read this post aloud.


#harmon460 for Twitter

Post a link to

1-2 Minute Movie

By the end of class Thursday (Sept 5), produce a short (1-2 minute) movie using iMovie to highlight a particular aspect of/object from the USC/UNC game.  This film need not be narrative or make much sense…just 1-2 minutes long utilizing either your own media or the media I’ve provided on DB.  The goal is to export a video and become filmmakers.

How to save an iMovie Project

Photo Essay in iMovie

Media Storm (Darkness Visible)

Screen Capture on a Mac

For Next Time:

•Revise/Expand your blog from today into a voice over for your 1-2 minute film.
•Watch iMovie tutorials as needed (especially on titles)!
•Bring headphones to class for Thursday’s workday.
•For NEXT TUESDAY…read the introduction to John Law’s Aircraft Stories and Aristotle’s On Rhetoric (In the dropbox)
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