Gather media at the USC/UNC game.


In many ways, this class is about documenting.  Whether you like football or not (or live in Columbia) there is a big event happening in town and it is a useful opportunity to practice capturing media.  Whether you have a camera or not, if you can get online (which is available in Gambrell and public libraries) you can gather media.  If you live on campus, document what you see…the crowds at russell house getting on buses, the traffic, the news crews, photograph or scan a ticket, use your senses.  If you live out of town, do some searching online, find videos, save images, etc.  Think about this game as an object…an event to study.  Think like a producer, a composer who will need to tell this story later.  Think temporally, how does the object/event unfold over time?  Think rhetorically, who is your audience, what is your perspective, how can you maintain/increase your ethos, upon what aspect of this multidimensional object/event are you focusing?  I expect AT LEAST one blog post to emerge out of this media before Tuesday.  You can discuss the media itself, the game, the crowd, the weather, the tailgating, the national TV coverage, the local news coverage, the newspaper coverage, etc.  I also expect you to bring the media you gather (some images, some video, some audio, some text) with you to class on Tuesday on a flash drive.


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